Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Storm in a teacup

From time to time, I stir with the teaspoon in a teacup - I create storms. Mirela hung herself on the day that her father was arrested at the institute where he worked. The two events had no connection, except that the two people involved were related.

Mirela fell in love with a boy in her class, and he refused to take her out. Simple, clear. Mirela decided that life was not worth Living. With her father Nicky, the situation was a bit more delicate. He had worked for several years in an institute, he had had some luck and some friends, so he lead a quiet and comfortable life. The institute was in an old house close to CiƟmigiu, the park in the middle of Bucharest. He worked in an office with two draftswomen. Being a pretty nice guy, always attentive with women, he had been able to impose an ideal program. Every morning he brewed the coffee for all, they had the coffee until about ten o’clock, and then he went for a walk on the boulevard, watched a movie, had lunch wherever he wished and got back at the office with cake for the women. They had more coffee in the afternoon and then he had a nap on his desk until the end of the day. Then he went home. As his wife worked late, he ate what his mother-in-law cooked in the morning, and fell asleep on the couch, trying to read Cenini, while waiting for his wife to get home. As she got home, he waited for her to change her clothes and eat something, then, like the French, went either to the theatre, or to a dance, a restaurant, or a movie. He liked to feel French, although never managed to learn much of the language. During this time, Mirela lived with her grandmother, as it was closer to her school. She slept in the same bed with her aunt, an accountant at a small cooperative. Every evening, her aunt went to dance. She put on one of her gorgeous pairs of shoes. She had so many shoes... On the day she hung herself, Mirela lived with her parents in an apartment. They moved in an apartment block and were extremely happy. Mirela loved to be alone in the morning at home, as she was able to sleep as long as she wanted. However, she went to school quite regularly, and, as her parents left her alone when she got good marks, she was keen to oblige. On the day she hung herself, Mirela did not do her homework at all. One day, Nicky, walking on the boulevard, stopped to look at some Chinese items in a window, bought two glazed silver fishes for his wife, and on the way to Capsa, the famous eating place, he met his old schoolmate – Nelu, a big shot somewhere, as he had heard. - Hey, Nicky, what a pleasure, let’s have a beer – my shout! Nicky was not a great drinker. He was done very quickly. After a few glasses, he saw Nelu as his brother. And as he would to a brother, he told him about the golden coins. "That’s when disaster struck", I say and stir in my teacup.