Monday, June 8, 2009

The light at the end of the storm

I was born a long time ago in Romania. Although my parents have initially agreed to help me in pursuing my love for the arts by enrolling me in the School of music and arts in Baia Mare, later on they have made it clear that living from art was not a realistic option so, I took their advice and got a Master's degree in Electronics and Telecommunications. I had an intesersing career in Romania, where I worked in a Research Institute, writing 35 research papers and working on several very challenging projects. When the Communist regime collapsed in 1989 and the savage capitalism started showing its ugly face in Romania, I took the opportunity to leave to fill the skills shortage in Australia. I lived for the last 17 years in Adelaide, where I've used my skills and talents to design home appliances. I've also used my Project Management skills to help the Great Move to China of the Australian Manufacturing Industry. As a result of my successfyul activities, I 've found myself several times made redundant (which was the aim of the game, I guess). On May the 1st the French company I worked for has allowed me to pursue my life long passion for the arts. I am doing this with my well known enthusiasm and energy. For me, there is no return. This time, I will continue pursuing my dream until the end of my life.I paint daily, I have quite a few blogs related to painting. I have a solo show in July, I have an open studio as part of the SALA festival and I am organising the Outsiders Festival in Adelaide in October (or November) this year. The financial side of things is still to be sorted out, but I am working very hard on it. I have drastically reduced my expenses and I am looking at innovative ways to saving money. I would be grateful if, after reading this, you could help. I have placed donation buttons on my blogs, or, if you prefer, you can buy my art. There are several convenient ways you can do that. Just folow the links on
Thank you, in advance.