Sunday, May 10, 2009

The second storm

From time to time, I stir with the teaspoon in a teacup-I create storms.

All his life he wanted to be noticed. Since high school he had hoped that one day someone would come and propose to him to collaborate.
Then in college, his friend talked about his meetings with Burlacu and he implored him to arrange their meeting. The meeting never happened.

He was uninteresting. He wasn’t brilliant, adventurous or intelligent and, furthermore, lacked subtlety. He screwed up too often.

After finishing Uni, he found a quiet job in a research Institute, doing mostly nothing.

One day, a colleague of his saw him filling in a form and asked:
- You too?
Then he saw a recruitment form on his colleague’s desk. In was an application to become an informant.

For him it was not to be.
He had a totally different form.

Then came the Revolution.

For a short while he felt relieved – there was a God! Thank God that I was not recruited!
Christmas Holidays, happiness.

After the few skirmishes and a few years of him selling almost anything, Romania entered Europe and it was announced that everyone could see their files collected by the former Communist regime.

As he had plenty of time, he queued for days and, in the end, got to see his dossier.

The reading revealed how many people had been interested in his life... Including Burlacu...

Attached to Burlacu’s reports, he could clearly see his application, signed by him and approved by Burlacu.

"When disaster strikes", I say and stir in my teacup.